Our apps store all the data that the user enters (for example locations, transactions, or products etc.) in a file that resides on the user's own computer; they do not collect or store any other data.

Upon the user's request, a back-up of the data file can be sent to his/her OneDrive account, the app uses Microsoft Live Services to copy this file to the user's OneDrive folder; to use this mechanism the app will prompt the user to authenticate with Microsoft Live services so the app can back up the data file to OneDrive.

The app will use the internet connection only to back-up the database file to the user's OneDrive folder on the user's request , it does not copy the data to any other location and does not send it to any third-party or copy it to any other location.

If the user emails us with a support issue, we will keep his email address only for the purpose of replying to his support issue, we will not send this information to any third-party or use it for any other purpose.